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Rocio Perez

UX Designer & Researcher


I am a Bay Area based UX researcher & designer with an interest in human-centered design.

About Me.

I have a background in Sociology and 5 years of experience in Business Immigration Law as a Paralegal. I aim to leverage my legal expertise, research skills, and passion for user-centered design to contribute to innovative and intuitive UX solutions.


I am seeking a challenging role in UX research and design where I can apply my diverse skill set to create impactful digital experiences.

My UX Journey

Welcome to my UX journey! My transition from a background in immigration law to the dynamic world of User Experience (UX) research and design has been both challenging and rewarding. This unique trajectory has equipped me with a distinctive set of skills, combining analytical thinking  with the creative problem-solving mindset essential in the UX field.

Bridging the Gap

Through my Master's degree program, I have learned design thinking methodologies, user research techniques, and the practical use of design tools. I embraced this opportunity to bridge the gap between my legal background and the creative realm of UX

Merging Analytical and Creative Skills

I have an analytical approach to problem-solving, my UX training introduced me to the importance of empathy and user-centric design. Merging these skills allows me to approach UX challenges with a unique perspective, ensuring that every solution not only meets legal requirements but also resonates with end-users on a human level.

Continous Learning and Adaptation

I embrace a mindset of continuous learning, collaboration, and seeking feedback to refine my approach and keep my design process agile and adaptable.


Here are a few companies & brands that inspire my UX journey.

Spotify Wrapped
Google Store

A Quick Thanks

to StorySet for the graphics :)

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